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How To Use Centum’s Jobtech App ‘Ajiry’

Centum Investment company’s jobtech app dubbed ‘Ajiry’ is one of the best platforms in the African Continent that connects job seekers with potential employers.

Launched in May 2021, the new job app (job.com) provides the youth with a direct link to the employer or any individual looking for a service from an expert. This application is designed to provide a platform for workers and employers to connect and network effortlessly where there is no control from third-party clients since it helps to source for contractual, short-term, casual or one-off jobs to employers.

“Once an individual has downloaded this application, workers will cast a wide net in their search for job opportunities and in turn further formalize the informal industry.”

The launching of the application ‘Ajiry’ came when the rate of unemployment amongst the youth continued to rise and left a number hopeless, of ever succeeding to join the employment industry.

Ajiry is built around a Progressive Web App model which allows users to use less personal phone/Wi-Fi data bundles and less storage on their devices. This means one does not need to download it as an application and can be searched on the web at no cost.

However different companies seeking employees will be charged Sh400 by Centum Investment Limited that will help prevent cases of fraud from occurring.

The above categorisation and mapping of jobtech seeks to encompass a broad spectrum of job enabling and facilitating solutions, while also allowing for a clear distinction between the types of services offered.

In practice, we find that the vast majority of the startups and SMEs offer a combination of solutions, especially digitally delivered work and platforms for offline work, e.g., e.g. Kwiks in Morocco, Wuzzuf in Egypt and Ajiry Shortlist in Kenya.

Platforms for offline work by themselves have also become prevalent in many African countries, connecting blue-collar and informal workers to employment, such as Sweep South in South Africa, or Shaghalni in Egypt

Africa’s socio-economic growth is characterized by a double-edged sword in that the fastest-growing population in the world meets one of the highest levels of unemployment.