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I have ‘chewed’ only 2 MPs and not 13 as alleged – Wazir Chacha reveals

Benson Masubo alias Wazir Chacha has revealed that he has had sexual relations with only 2 members of parliament and not 13 as alleged.

Wazir said that his charm endeared him to the waheshimiwa.

“I did not force them in whatever way to have an affair with me,” he said.

The 24-year-old, however, blamed politics for the leaked photos of him with some female MPs but maintained that his connections in Parliament were still intact.

When asked why he was dating two MPs at the same time Chacha said,

“One relationship was in ICU and I sought an alternative.”

He went ahead to praise the MPs, applauding their maturity.

“I loved the MPs because they are mature and understanding. They don’t have any pressure like the slay queens (younger girls),” adding that he does not regret in any way having had sexual affairs with the two MPs.”

Adding that,

“Before I started dating them, they had confirmed they were not married but single and ready for an affair.”

Chacha came to the lime light in April after he was accused of defrauding MPs by sending them nude photos.

He accused the media of having blown his case out of context adding that the issue tainted his reputation.

“People have believed that I am a conman yet many people can attest that I am person of commendable character.”