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Johny Boy rocking Nairobi’s fashion world to inspire the boy child

This is the 21st century and the style trends of the fashion world dominate more than ever in history. It is not just rocking how the people dress but it sinks deeper to home ware designs and people’s attitude. This further influences the attitude of an entire generation and even more to come.

Cutting deeper into the streets of Nairobi, the spot is Gaberone Street and every shop is selling rolls of clothing materials, others are on their sewing machines, some are negotiating prices and the place is just busy. Fashion is the big business here; across the streets is a fashion plaza.

John Olale aka Johny Boy of Hoodrep Culture is the street president here. His fashion sense cuts above the rim, and with his Hoodrep Culture Crew, Johny is big boy dressing popular musicians, models and budding leaders.

The lady in the opposite shop calls him ‘Italian’, he knows how to dress. Now with his strong sense of fashion he teamed with Wuoh Ronn, coupled it with his business mind and they are earning from it and supporting their families like that.

They call it a movement, something they do to make people look good, massage their ego and rock with confidence. Trends in fashion unify men and women all across the world and still gives one room to express their fashion sense at individual level.

People like Johny have realized the strength of fashion; he says it captures memories that can last beyond life time. One can easily guess the time a photo was taken just by looking at the style of clothes in it. Each time is marked by certain sense of fashion.

Fashion can change from one season to the next but the power it has over the society and the role it plays in the modern world never changes. This is how Johny Boy is moving with it and making a living in these harsh economic times where majority of youths are jobless.

He is a designer, proprietor of a profit making company employing five young people. Designers market the importance they know people put in clothes, he dressing celebreties as rapper Khaligraph Jones, Col. Mustapha, Dj Brown Skin and blogger @kinyanboy among others.