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Man Injured After Being Stabbed While Having A Hair Cut.

A barbershop customer was left covered in blood after a man stabbed him while he was getting his hair cut.

The attacker reportedly walked into First Choice Barbers, in New York, US, locked the door behind him and then sliced the victim.

Footage of the aftermath of the stabbing shows the injured man staggering around the street, holding what appears to be a towel to his neck.

The man’s shirt is ripped and his arms, face and white trousers are coated with blood.

He later slumps down to the ground as police arrive at the scene, with officers heading inside the building to find his attacker.

The New York Post reports that Julio Guzman helped the victim escape by smashing open the door of the barbershop.

The Uber driver told the newspaper: “I could hear the man screaming for help. There’s no question that this guy planned on killing him.

“When I broke open the door, he had him on the floor and was stabbing him in the neck and chest.

“Thank God that I happened to pass by when I did and that I was able to stop this poor man from suffering.”

He used a chair next to the shop to break the lock of the door.

A number of people were reportedly filming the incident, before Mr Guzman jumped into action.

Police arrested a 37-year-old man after finding him in the back room of the barbershop.

Cops said the attack on Thursday was caused by an earlier disagreement.