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Shock As A 33 year Old Man Confesses Of Raping Women And Cutting Off Their Breasts For Money

Boniface Kimanyano Ayoti, 33, is a reformed hardcore criminal, who terrorised South B and South C residents.

Ayoti, bears scars on his arms, face and has missing teeth, seemed to be at peace. a contrast picture of a man who once chopped off women’s breasts and later sold them!

Ayoti who was born in Nairobi and grew up in Mukuru slums, has spent time in Kamiti Prison, a past he would rather forget.

“I used to steal pens and books from fellow students in lower primary. In Class Eight, I dropped out of school after assaulting a girl. I was only 16 years old at the time,” he said.

Ayoti claims his guardians were summoned and they were not impressed. To avoid their wrath, he moved out and started living in streets, where he got introduced to drugs, nicknamed ‘blue Mercedes’. The drugs were for boosting his courage when on a robbing mission.

“One time, I snatched a handbag from a businesswoman and ran away but I was caught and beaten to a pulp by taxi drivers, but I survived. Days later, I tried to rob a businessman but he slashed me in the stomach and exposed my intestines. I was rushed for treatment, but sneaked out of hospital after treatment,” he recalls

Towards the end of the year, Ayoti went back to the streets and targeted at a woman who was alighting from matatu in South B.

Unfortunately, he was caught and attacked by a mob before he was taken to Industrial Area Police Station.

“I was charged with robbery with violence and handed a four-year jail sentence in Kamiti. While there, I met a gang from Kayole and we agreed to meet afterwards and form a new gang when we come out and acquire a gun,” he said.

After being released from prison, Ayoti claims another accomplice he had met at a reggae event introduced him to what he claimed to be better business; to drug unsuspecting women and cut off their breasts.

“He introduced me to a base in Eastleigh where we bought some powders meant to make our prey lose consciousness. The drug cost Sh6,000. I started by visiting some joints along Moi Avenue, where I managed to drug the first female client. I carried her to a taxi and drover her towards Lang’ata”, he said.

Ayoti claims instructions were clear, to cut the right breast and leave the package on a bench at Jeevanjee Gardens then pick payment at another location.

“The first time I managed to get a small breast and I was paid Sh30,000. I was so happy. I picked another woman from an adjacent brothel, drugged and took her to the same area. Her breast was much bigger and I was paid Sh120,000. Days later, I tricked another woman in South B and I was paid the same amount”

Ayoti claims that despite the money, he always felt guilty.