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Mr Eat your girl! How Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko is ruthlessly ‘fiesting’ on University of Nairobi President Ann Mvurya

Ann Mvurya and Gov. Mike Sonko

Among many other politicians is is no longer a secret among that Nairobi County boss Mike Sonko is having a thing with University of Nairobi first female President Ann Mvurya.

The youthful Ms Ann Mwangi was recently elected through the newly introduced electoral college system as the first female President in the history of the University of Nairobi, one of the best Universities in Africa, South of Sahara desert, North of River Limpopo.

She garnered 24 votes out of a possible 36 after allegations of manipulation of results masterminded by a popular Nairobi based MP, the top University administration and her financier cum boyfriend.

Kenyanbulletin.com learnt that Ann’s campaigns were well oiled as her competitors would later reveal.

“She was monied. She could flash money like no ones’ business. Not a single day did she bargain for our online rates and other services” one of the admins of a popular Facebook group meant for UoN students revealed.

“Mvurya alikuwa na pesa wazimu,” a student who was in her campaign team revealed.

It was after their photos with Governor Sonko found their way to the public that students linked Sonko to Ann’s flashy lifestyle.

Ann Mvurya and Gov. Mike Sonko

Initially, a section of University of Nairobi students believed that Governor Sonko was only keen to have someone he can use to mobilize students for demonstrations, press conferences and such like agenda only to realize that the chemistry between the two was deeper than they had imagined.

“Governor Sonko has been using students to champion his agenda…mostly demos, rallies,” a source revealed.

Recently Governor Sonko is said to have awarded her Sh. 1 million for general shopping and other personal effects at his private office located in Upper hill, Nairobi.

She then called a party for friends at UoN’s law school, parklands. Expensive drinks, meals were the order of the day.

It’s after she got tipsy at the party that she confided in her confidants how her ‘new catch’ awarded her sh1 million only.

“We knew the source of her monies but we kept quiet. Sonko is really showering her with goodies.” Her friend who sort anonymity for fear of victimization revealed.

She would narrate how all her electronic gadgets(phones, etc) were collected at the entrance of the Private Office located in Upper Hill, Nairobi to ensure no photo, video leaked to the media.

“Ann’s lifestyle has really changed. It is true she had money before but not this much,” a friend revealed.

Other sources revealed that Ann apparently disappeared from the students’ eyes when the city Governor was allegedly in hideout for fear of being arrested by EACC detectives over the alleged misuse of county funds as was revealed by Auditor General’s 2017-2018 report.

A source within the Governor Sonko’s circle revealed that the Governor is currently jolly and with less pressure as compared to weeks ago when he disappeared from the public eye.

Ann’s boyfriend, Simon Muigai, who is President Kenyatta’s cousin is reportedly living in fear as he can no longer sponsor his girlfriend’s habits. The two are said to be cohabiting at the University of Nairobi, Parklands campus.