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Sarah Wairimu reveals why she denied Tob Cohen sex for four years

Sarah Wairimu, wife to slain Dutch tycoon has revealed more intimate details of her relationship with the billionaire.

In a rejoinder Wairimu has claimed Cohen could not perform in bed and trashed denial of conjugal rights claim the husband had made while filing for divorce in January.

According to Wairimu, she also wanted to divorce the billionaire who had turned into a completely ineffective person in matters sex.

According to court documents seen by Kenya insights, Wairimu claimed the claims that she denied the billionaire conjugal rights was used to build the divorce narrative.

Wairimu says the two did infact engage in sexual activities, where Cohen would perform abysmally or completely fail to perform. Wairimu claims is because the man was an avid drug abuser, she also claims a prostate operation done on the husband affected his libido.

The operation led to his inability to have sex often, well or sometimes at all, turning him into a disturbed man.

Sarah Wairimu who is the lead suspect in the murder of the Dutch businessman is yet to take a plea and is being held at Lang’ata women prison.

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