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Neo-Colonialism: How Jumbo Foam Mattresses Bosses Are Enslaving Workers In Kisumu

Kenyan Bulletin has been Forwarded this official complain from one of concerned and affected worker at India-owned Jumbo Mattresses Limited warehouse in Kisumu.

The HR responsible for Enslaving Kenyan workers at Jumbo Foam Mattresses in Kisumu

An industry is established in a certain area, it should be of beneficial to the local community.This is not so with Jumbo Mattress ltd where impunity is reigning.

The Asian who is in charge of Human Resources pictured above is very heartless beast.Casual employees are treated like they are not human beings.They work, sometimes without pay.

Jumbo Foam Kisumu MD Jayesh Pattel and His Wife

You report to work then assigned even duties more in excess of what human being can handle.There is what we call piece rate, imagine an employee who deemed to be permanent employee is given work paid based on what you have done.

Take for instance, If you’re the driver, you are only paid if you are assigned the work.If there is no work you’re not paid.If you are driver sent to Mombasa with goods, night out allowance is ksh 1050. This is your lunch, breakfast, dinner and accommodation for all the days you will be in that trip.

If you’re a turn boy, the amount given is ksh 300.So it means, you will sleep in the lorry cabin with empty stomach.Immediately you land within the company compound from Mombasa, you’re loaded again another trip to Mombasa.You can imagine the fatigue of the driver.Drivers doing local roots are never provided with subsistence allowance.This is very wrong and is uncalled for.

Fuel recovery is the norm. If you are the driver of the lorry, Mitsubishi FH, you’re being told that, the vehicle consumption is 6km/ltr irrespective of the terrains.Any person with sound mind will tell you that any vehicle running in the termack road and that off road will have variation in fuel consumption.

So any variation in fuel consumption is deducted from your wages.Any accident or may you are hit from behind, any repair is at the cost of the driver.Its very normal to held the employee responsible for any damage to the vehicle, but this one of Jumbo Mattresses is not normal.

Workers are working without any written contract.Women are working in a very deplorable conditions and imagine what they are being paid is heartbreaking.

Imagine one is sewing one block of mattress at ksh 3/pcs.You can hardly sew even 50pcs per day.So imagine the hard labour these our mothers are going through!

The management have also gone to extent of bribing local leadership to frustrate the workers effort to air their grievances.

Workers had the opportunity to talk with the Senator, area MCA, Chief, Labour Officer, the police but all these bore no fruit.They have bribed the entire system.

KenyanBulletin.com says, Where is Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o? Is he waiting for Raila Odinga to come and tell him what he’s supposed to do?

What is the government, if at any instance we have any, doing about this? Where are those responsible in making sure that Labour laws are followed?

Why is the Labour Officer in Kisumu receiving bribes even after the poor workers complained to the Office? Where is Francis Atwoli? Workers are suffering and he’s busy getting his dick blowjobbed by a wife that is his daughter’s agemate!

Mouthy Kisumu Mps that used to rally massive crowds of youths to demonstrate for Raila Odinga should style up and wake up from their fish mentality and help reaidents of the 3rd and most developing city.

Kisumu County government should should do something for this workers. Jumbo Foam Mattresses ltd operate in the constituency of Mp Hon Jared Okello. He should return the bribes if he has recieved any and be the peoples protector.

Kenyan Bulletin also calls these leaders to save the enslaved Kenyans in Kisumu, Hon Koyoo James Onyango,Hon Aduma Owuor,Hon Shakir Shabir,Hon Fred Ouda,Hon Olago Aluoch, Hon James Nyikal. County leadership, CAS Ken Obura,Senator Rose Nyamunga and Ouya Kalausi should wake up.