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Video! Notorious Citizen TV’s ‘News Gang’ roast Embu clergy who showered DP Ruto with praises ruthlessly

Embu Catholic bishop Paul Kariuki with DP Ruto

Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki, who showered praises on Deputy President William Ruto landed on the wrong side of Citizen TV journalists-turned-pundits as they tore into him for failing the church.

Kariuki on Sunday, September 22, picked on the DP’s recent knack for making trips across the country.

Likening him to a bee, known for working extra-hard, the bishop claimed that his trips were beneficial to his recipients and the people who opposed them were like houseflies.

“They start accusing the bee of Tangatanga the way they have accused the deputy president. They do not see the work he is doing with his numerous trips,” stated the Bishop leaving congregants in stitches.

The sentiments did not sit well with the journalists who vented their anger at the bishop on live TV on Wednesday, September 26. By far the most political statement we have heard from a Catholic clergy,” Yvonne Okwara commented.

Linus Kaikai broke down the Bishop’s assertions and wondered how he would vouch for divisions in the government.

“The Catholic Church as an institution is by far most thoughtful than what we saw. This was a very strange outburst by the bishop. When we were growing up, the culture of Harambee was sprouting under the Kanu government. Choirs would sing a lot of praise to the main guest to soften him to adjust the offering he will give out,” he said.

Adding that,

“In a 20 seconds clip, the Bishop had a position in the Jubilee divisions (Tanga tanga and Kieleweke), favouring Tanga tanga. There also was an implied endorsement of Ruto for 2022. More worryingly, there was an implied insult when he divided people into bees and house flies.”

Professor Alfred Omenya, a political commentator tore into the credibility of the church and the role they played in society.

“We knew for many years that the alternative voice for the government was the church. The church is abdicating that role and it is becoming less credible. The church is basically perpetrating evil,” Omenya, an architect chipped in.

Kariuki on Tuesday, September 24, came out to defend his remarks. He explained that his comments on Kieleweke and Tanga tanga movements were misunderstood.

“I gave the example of our Deputy President who goes around the country to see how government money is spent as well as identifying what needs to be done,”he said.