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Predator Cleric in court for defiling 11 year old girl for three years

Pastror Patrick Ambani of Devine African Church is in court for defiling a minor, Jane (not her real name). Jane confessed the illicit behaviour of the pastor to her grandmother after the neighbours suspects the man of clothe’s frequent and suspicious visits.

she claimed that the accused pretended to be watching movies when his motives were actually ulterior. The young girl who trusted the man of god for preaching holiness and righteousness every sunday says that when she the pastor that she was in pain, he laughed off. She suffered silently for three years.

Pastor Ambani who has been in police custody for a month for failing to raise Kshs 300,000 cash bail pleaded not guilty at the Kibera Law Courts. Jane told the court that the ordeal started in 2015 when the pastor visited where she lived with her grandmother. Ambani visisted when her granny was away and requested to stay and watch a movie.

he moved closer to the innocent girl, held her close and instructed her to relax. That’s when the alleged rogue pastor stripped off his pulpit robe and began feasting on his flock. he touched her sexually, did his act and rewarded her with Kshs 50 to buy chips and shut.

During the hearing, her granny only told the court that she heard from the neighbours that Ambani was defiling Jane. Allegations that Jane confirmed. She was taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where she was treated and later reported the case at Kabete Police Station. The hearing is set for next month.