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Reason why Rauka presenter Andy Mburu leaved Citizen TV

Andy Mburu

Citizen TV presenter, Andy Mburu, on Sunday, September 22, took a break from Rauka live show for studies in London.

Mburu revealed that he was taking a break from the screen in order to concentrate on his upcoming theological studies.

He, however, promised to resume his role at Rauka later own after his studies scheduled to run for six months.

He also disclosed that he has prepared his family for the transition since he is set to be away from them for a couple of weeks, the period which the studies will take place.

“I am asking for prayers from everyone who is a fan of Rauka. God is pulling me into a bit of a break because starting this coming week I will travel to London for studies.

Adding that,

“It is a programme that I have been interested in taking and it runs in an institution called Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and it is an institution that I will be volunteering with and is run by a ministry called Ravi Zachariah’s Ministries.”

He further revealed that he had been doing the studies in private and he feels that it was high time he sought formal education.

“I believe I will be more effective in serving when I come back on the platform. My intention is to come back and I’m rejoining the team in six months,” he clarified.

Mburu has served as a presenter on Rauka Show for the past two and a half years.