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Social Media User Exposes Mount Kenya TV

A social media user, Alvan Kinyua, has gone online with details of staff mistreatment at Mount Kenya TV station.

Using 9 posts on Twitter, he claims that staff haven’t been paid for about 5 months this year and that the media house has ‘mutated into the center of exploitation and modern day slavery’

Below are the posts he made

Nothing is more painful than seeing people, in the same career as you, being helplessly mistreated. Such is the pain I have when I reflect on the tribulations of Mt Kenya TV and Iganjo FM staff. More details below.

To begin with, who is Mt Kenya TV and Iganjo FM? Simple. The two media houses are owned and run by the controversial Ngirici family from Kirinyaga, through their company, Slopes Media.

The two Gikuyu vernacular stations were launched in December 2018. While setting up, Slopes Media poached some of the best Gikuyu media personalities, from other media houses, promising them heaven.

Sadly, less than one year later, the media houses have mutated into the center of exploitation and modern day slavery.

As at today, Saturday 17th August 2019, employees have not seen a salary since April this year. Even worse, anyone who dares ask questions is threatened and silenced.

The employees who Slopes Media poached with mega promises are now in anguish. Whereas a good number have since left, those who have remained are suffering unnecessarily.

Running an entity where employees cannot afford even basics like food, fare and rent is totally unfair. That is not the true nature of the Ngiricis whose generosity is well known.

And even for those who left, the damage can hardly be undone. Their once high flying careers are now in limbo.

This is therefore a clarion call, from me Mr Chronicles, Alvan Kinyua, a media practitioner, to the management of Slopes Media. Kindly pay our brothers and sisters. In addition, just treat your staff well. They are suffering way too much for nothing.

In July, Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi also exposed the media house. The blogger, who has a penchant for deep exposés, stated that Slopes Media Limited is jointly owned by Purity Wangui Ngirichi, the Kirinyaga County Women Representative

Twitter posts

After Alvan posted the below, other Twitter users joined using the hashtag, here is Alan’s and other posts that we sampled.