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Speaker Kingi Advices Maandamano Organizers To Follow The Law

Senate Speaker Amason Kingi has given a free advice to opposition leader Raila Odinga that nothing done outside of the law, can yield results that are within the law.

Kingi said the Constitution outlines the procedure to be followed in resolving grievances that may arise from a disputed presidential election. He told Odinga that electoral disputes solved without following the set legal procedures is a serious mockery of the country’s democracy.

“Our Constitution has very elaborate provisions on how presidential election disputes are to be prosecuted and settled. Anybody calling for resolution of such disputes outside the Constitution is making a mockery of our Constitution and our democratic values,” Kingi said.

He further adviced the former PM who is leading chaotic protests in sections of Nairobi and his backyard of Kisumu that every leader is expected to abide by the law at all times to avoid taking the country to a dark place and chaos.

“The basic minimum demanded of us as leaders is to observe the rule of law no matter the temptations/ provocations, lest we plunge this country into chaos and anarchy. Nothing unlawfully done can yield lawful results,” he added.

Azimio supporters during the Monday protests ‘Maandamano’ organised by Raila Odinga [p/courtesy]
Kingi spoke after the highly charged opposition protests led by Azimio leader which were characterized by destruction of property, running battles and arrests on Monday.

The Azimio la Umoja allied politicians and their supporters faced off with the police across various parts of the country’s capital as they failed to gain access to State House and the Central Business District.

Mzee Odinga had called for a ‘holiday’ to allow his followers to picket and push the government to open the IEBC servers as he claims that his victory on the 2022 presidential elections was stolen by the current regime.

The opposition chief also claims that he wants President William Ruto to lower the cost of living, the prices of fuel and stop the recruitment of new electoral commissioners.