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Why Odinga Fears Naming Firms In Azimio Boycott List

Oppositon leader Raila Odinga on Monday failed to name the firms that he wants his Azimio coalition supporters to boycott their products in his resistance movement against the government of President William Ruto.

Odinga withheld the list as his smoking gun in the coming days so as to keep the government guessing and also to avoid offending a section of Mt. Kenya tycoons who funded his 2022 presidential campaigns.

This blog has information that his technical team had already compiled a detailed list of the firms to be boycotted by Azimio followers but Mzee Odinga “strategically’ withheld it as a spare bullet to be spent in future chaotic protests.

Odinga is expected to unleash the details of the firms in the coming days as he escalates his resistance against the Kenya Kwanza admnistration.

The opposition chief traversed parts of Nairobi slums after he was blocked from accessing State House, Serena Hotel, and the Central Business District, forcing him to call for more demonstrations that would be staged every other Monday.

But as he addressed his supporters in parts of slums in Nairobi’s Eastlands, Mzee Odinga did not disclose the firms as he had promised. He had bragged that he has a full list of the companies that he wants his batallion of hooligans to boycott for having links with ranking leaders in Kenya Kwanza administration.

While appearing on TV 47 on Saturday, the Azimio leader revealed that his team had compiled a full list of the firms but he shied to release them during Monday protests.

“There are more companies that we will name on Monday… I can’t say them now but they are coming,” he said.

On March 10, he called on his supporters to boycott Safaricom and its protests as he also named eggs as some of the products that Azimio people should boycott in their resistance against the regime of President William Ruto.

The opposition vet is running the same script he had in 2017 when he told his supporters to boycott some newspapers, TV stations, products and services which he claimed were working with the then-regime to sabotage democracy.

Odinga’s recent call on Azimio people to boycott eggs can only be interpreted as direct resistance to President Ruto who has previously admitted to running a multi-billion poultry firm in his Sugoi home.

Ruto’s farm is home to over 200,000 chickens. In 2021, while defending his ‘hustler narrative’, he revealed that he makes some Sh1.5 million everyday from his Koitalel poultry farm.