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Team Tanga Tanga emphasizes NO stance towards referendum calls

DP William Ruto through his mouth pieces has once again made it very clear that Team Tanga Tanga will waste no time supporting a referendum that will not address pertinent issues at the heart of Kenyans but create positions for a few individuals and tribes.

Ruto was in a tour of Kilifi County commissioning the constructions of Sh 2.3 billion Kakuyuni – Gongoni and Kakuyuni –Kilifi pipeline works in the northern parts of Kilifi County.

Speaking at the event, Hon Mwashetani claimed that the current clumour for law review aims to stop the deputy president from ascending to power. In a quick rejoinder Nakuru Senator Hon. Susan Kihika also accused the former PM Raila Odinga of working day and night to create a rift between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy Dr. William Ruto.

Dp. Ruto’s allies vowed to block any national referendum to change the constitution. The lawmakers who spoke in different events in Nakuru and Kilifi made it clear that they will only support a constitutional change that aims to transform the lives of Kenyans. They vowed not to support any referendum calls to revive the political life of ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

The deputy president emphasized that the country has no appetite to be put through meaningless supremacy battles to benefit a few individuals. “We have a debt to Kenyans, which to better their lives as promised in the Jubilee Party Manifesto and the big four agenda” Ruto said.

Elsewhere in Nakuru, another pro Ruto team accused Odinga of blocking their access to President Kenyatta and promised to support Ruto’s 2022 bid even if Odinga meddles in the Jubilee affairs. Politicians under the Inua Mama, Jenga Kenya banner spoke at the Nakuru ASK show grounds, challenged President Kenyatta to deliver what he had promised Kenyans.

ODM renegade and Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa also resurfaced and promised to embarrass ODM in the coming by-election in Ganda ward in October 17th. Jumwa hosted over 1,200 supporters from 12 polling stations and exuded confidence that Abdulrahman Omar would trounce R Mwanure Katana of ODM. She referred to ODM campaigners as losers.


Governor Hassan Joho of Mombasa has been camping in Malindi over the past one week campaigning for the ODM candidate. Jumwa also thumped her chest that she will not quit ODM but fight it from within. The Ganda seat fell vacant after Omar’s win was nullified by the court.

Omar won on an ODM ticket in 2017 but defected after the nullification because ODM allegedly refused to give him a direct ticket. He is now vying as an independent candidate.