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TRIFIC: Africa’s Gateway To Global Services Excellence

Introducing the Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre (TRIFIC), Kenya’s pioneering Services-Focused Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a recent entrant onto the business landscape.

This marks a significant milestone as the country’s premier private SEZ dedicated to services.

Nestled strategically in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, this world-class business and lifestyle destination stands as a beacon for global, regional, and Kenyan service-oriented enterprises, offering unparalleled opportunities to access international markets competitively.

Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Center: Photo source (KBF)

Africa’s Gateway To The World

Spanning an expansive 64 acres within Nairobi’s esteemed diplomatic blue zone, the Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre is poised to become Africa’s gateway to the world.

This state-of-the-art center is designed to provide an exceptional environment for global businesses and talent to thrive, integrating excellence in business, lifestyle, and community.

Global Hub for Cost-Effective Services

As the epitome of Africa’s Gateway To The World, the Two Rivers Int’l Finance & Innovation Center aims to create a global hub connecting businesses with skilled professionals for cost-effective, high-quality services worldwide.

Anchored by six key advantages, this international-caliber ecosystem boasts world-class infrastructure, facilities, and a strategic location, ensuring seamless connectivity for businesses seeking to operate on a global scale.

Business-Friendly Policies and Facilitation

The Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre stands out with its business-friendly policies and facilitation services, offering an attractive and competitive fiscal regime to support the growth of enterprises.

Holistic Lifestyle Urban Node

Positioned as a cosmopolitan, holistic lifestyle urban node, the center provides world-class amenities tailored to meet the needs of global talent.

Access to Human Capital and Digital Infrastructure

Access to a deep pool of highly competent human capital in Kenya further enhances the appeal of TRIFIC as a hub for service-oriented businesses.

Leveraging Kenya’s advanced and pioneering digital infrastructure and entrepreneurship, the center aligns with the evolving demands of the global market, positioning itself as a dynamic and forward-thinking SEZ.

Competitive Incentives

Functioning as a Special Economic Zone, TRIFIC extends competitive incentives to enterprises, including a 0% Corporate Tax Rate for foreign-sourced income, a 10% Corporate Tax Rate for domestic-sourced income for the first 10 years, 0% VAT, and 0% Withholding Tax.

Commitment to Economic Growth

These incentives underscore the commitment of Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre to foster a conducive environment for businesses to flourish and contribute to Kenya’s economic growth.

With its innovative approach and strategic advantages, TRIFIC is set to redefine the landscape of services-focused SEZs in Kenya and serve as a beacon for global economic engagement.