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VIDEO: Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa in trouble

Kimilili Member of National Assembly: Didmus Barasa

Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Wekesa Barasa Mutua is in trouble after a video where he was drinking in the company of a minor went viral.

A child protection lawyer filed an Occurrence Book at the Akilla Police Station over the matter.

A few days ago, the first time MP was recorded imbibing what the lawyer believed to be local brew, Busa. Barasa who was being fed by the minor of about 14 years of age appears to instruct her to also drink from his cup.

“Today I came to Akilla Police Station to report an incident. There’s a video that is doing rounds on social media, that is involving a young girl of13- 14 years old. And evidently, from that video, the child is being coerced by a senior public officer in this country to feed him with alcohol and also forcing the child to take something that looks like Busaa, the lawyer who deals with children matter said

She added, “I have seen the comments that are being commented on that clip, and I got concerned. And I came to Akilla Police Station to report the matter and I have been referred to the Child Protection Unit. And I Believe the Child Protection Unit officers they are experts, they will be able to investigate the matter; ask the officer or rather the member of parliament to give his side of the story, what he was doing with a child and forcing the child to feed him with alcohol”


The children rights lawyer told a reporter about what motivated her to take up the case.

Reporter: What motivated you to take the action?

“I have seen the comments; members of public are concerned about the action of this particular Mheshimiwa. Really, that is a teenager. Who even if it is his daughter, I am not happy with the demeanor, the place they are sited, and the child is being forced, a young girl, who is a teenager being forced to feed the whole big man with a jug of alcohol for that matter. I felt aggrieved, and I’, a child protection officer, for many years”.

So, you are ready to pursue this matter, how far?

Oh yes, as a lawyer, I will be watching brief for that particular minor that justice, rescue and counselling is accorded to that child.

Scammer: Didmus Barasa’s track record.

Not the first time

Didmus Barasa’s rise is shrouded in controversy. There are pictures of him circulating online being wanted by authorities or firms warning the public from dealing with him.


Recently, the MP was arrested for assaulting a contractor, Steve Kay.

The MP had visited Baptist Lurare Primary School in Kamukuywa ward in his constituency where he was expected to commission five classrooms built from CDF.

However, the classrooms were reportedly closed by the time the MP wanted to launch the project hence that angered him.

It was said that Steve Kay together with his colleague had demanded payment of Sh3.4 million for the construction work before the keys were handed over to the MP.

Barasa responded by beating up Steve Kay. He (Barasa) was freed on Sh100,000 cash bail after denying the charge of assaulting the contractor.



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