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VIDEO: Raila mocks UDA in new savage tune

With election year just a month away, political temperatures in the country are rising higher by the day as contestants hit the ground in search of votes.

At the top level, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto have been the most notable figures with their rallies attracting thousands.

With the former allies turned foe poised to go against each other on the ballot in 2022, exchanges between the two opposing sides have sharply escalated in recent weeks.

In his latest move to counter Ruto’s “Hustler” wave, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader has now unleashed a new tune that savagely mocks the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and its members.

In the new rendition of Asha Abdow Bi Malika’s “Vidonge Vyao” classic, Raila sneers at Ruto and his brigade as fools who steal public money and later gift it back to the public disguised as generous handouts.

“WanaUDA ni ni wajinga na werevu hawana,

Ukiona wakilewa usidhani ni tajiri,

Hiyo ni mali ya umma wameiba toka kwenu jamani,

Wape wape hiyo pombe yao,

Wakilewa wakitapika ni shauri yao,” goes the song.

The enigmatic politician first sang the song during his Azimio La Umoja tour in Othaya last week and also recited it into an elated crowd in Embakasi during the weekend.

Check it out below.


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