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Governor Ole Lenku’s Sh320 million stalled Project

The construction of a Sh119 million public library and a Sh198 million stadium in Kajiado County has been stalled for eight years under governor Joseph ole Lenku.

A political conflict between governor Joseph ole Lenku and his predecessor David Nkedianye is the reason why. Nkedianye was given the contract to build the mega library in Kajiado town in the 2014/2015 fiscal year, however, the project was halted after he was defeated in the 2017 elections.

Cultural and resource centres, an ICT block, a recreation facility, and a children’s training unit were all planned for in the library. The goal was to foster a reading culture in the area, with a focus on rural residents.

Governor Ole Lenku’s Sh320 million stalled Project

The library, located in Kajiado town, was anticipated to serve residents of Kajiado town and its surrounds, as well as the general public from as far away as Namanga town. The facility was also intended to provide jobs.

The county was supposed to fund the project annually until completion, however the present administration has neglected to appropriate cash for the project in numerous fiscal years.

A Business Daily spot check yesterday revealed a towering incomplete abandoned project, with building materials scattered everywhere and overgrown acacia bushes surrounding the project location.

The contactor has clearly been gone for some years, and vandals are having a field day. Locals have encouraged officials to put an end to “petty” politics so that the projects can move forward.

“The project came to a halt after a new administration was elected in the 2017 general elections. The project is a classic example of how politics can undermine development,” said John Sapura, a resident.

Residents are now pressing governor Joseph ole Lenku administration to complete the project, which risks becoming a white elephant despite the massive amount of public money expended.

“Let our leaders not play cheap politics with development projects. The library ought to boost the low standards of education in this area. It is a big shame,” said Mr Peter Namasaka.

In 2020, the Senate’s Public Accounts Committee summoned Governor Lenku, who stated that many obstacles had slowed the project. He did, however, mention that the setbacks had been addressed.

Another project that began in the 2014-2015 fiscal year is the Ngong Sports Complex. The Sh198 million project was scheduled to be finished in four years, but it is still in its early stages, despite the present administration’s frequent promises to complete it.

“Ngong stadium remains a wild goose chase between members of the public and devolved unit after eight years. We hear a lot of money has already been spent on the project,” said James Odour, a Ngong resident.