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Wairimu gets the gift of wealthy murder suspects

Law is an a**, the practitioners say. It cuts both sides, that’s the wish of everyone that has no place in a man eat man society like Kenya.

Sarah Wairimu, a key suspect in the murder of her billionaire husband Tob Cohen will taste the freedom at the cost of 2 million shillings. What’s that to Wairimu who has deep pockets enough to hire the services of the  former Director of Public Prosecution, Philip Murgor?

The family of the deceased read the will, burried Cohen and left but the fact that they are closely following the proceedings and how the government handles the case is in no doubt.

Signs were already clear that Wairimu would walk out some day. She was granted permission to burry her late husband and she continues to be represented by the lawyer who is claimed to be a state officer.

There so many case studies to back Wairimu release or any suspects of her nature. Migori Governor Zacharia Obadoheld for over a month on suspicions of killing his expectant girlfriend, Sharon Otieno secured his freedom on bail. Thanks to his deep pockets.

Former citizen TV presenter Jaque Maribe, walked to freedom on bail from the case involving the murder of Monica Kimani. Maribe has strong ties with top government officials and the previledge that would come with such ties is a walk to freedom from a murder case.

Prior to his disappearance and murder, Cohen had complained of being physically assaulted by her estranged wife, Sarah Wairimu.

He had reported that his wife had turned violent, denied him his conjugal rights and that he feared that his life was in danger.

That not withstanding, deep pockets and complexity of the law has granted Wairimu walk to freedom.

Despite court restrictions not to go to visit their matrimonial home any business owned by the deceased, Wairimu is free.

Sarah Wairimu readies herselft to fight for property and billions