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Sonko, Joho; 90% flossing 10% business

You need a degree, any degree to chest thump for governor position in Kenya. Theology, or even baby class degree back with some popular political noise and your candidature is approved.

Nairobi and Mombasa governors have ‘the most forced degrees’ despite these two cities/counties being the most important in revenue generation and contribution to the country’s economic growth.

It’s like that because empty and popular politics is the order of the day. The loudest and the most sycophantic to party chiefs have high chances of winning.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is a popular governor serving his second and final term. His priorities and running of the county affairs are always at odds. He was a busy body engaged in cat and mouse runs with the president or national government in his first.

The cat and mouse games marked his first term, won him sympathy votes and no focus was on his performance except a few audit queries that were termed as political witch hunt. He escaped a lot and achieved very little, a small stadium and the order to have the coastal city painted white and blue.

Joho is a popular guy, he has enjoyed the love of his followers but what more beyond that? His service delivery as a governor is pathetic. He long forgot to lead his people.

Since winning his second term, the flashy governor has been demonstrating his abilities to lead from behind. He took three months in Spain at the beginning of his second term, his claim was he was looking for guys who would freshen the salty ocean water for human consumption and that remained the huge white elephant that it was.

He then resorted to clubbing in Oman, UAE with a clique of young people of Arab origin. If Hassani, like his party sycophants call him was not in partying in Dubai, he would be with his crew somewhere in Malindi, Kilifi holding a ‘serious bash’.

That’s the life of a county C.E.O whose desk should be full of issues to fix. Drug menace in the coastal town is at it’s all time high.

The players in logistic business are having their shops closed, Joho no longer speak for his people. He is on a 24/7 floss mode. He flaunting bikinis and sharing selfies with thirsty *ores in Los Angeles and that’s when a gang in Kisauni is butchering people from end to end.

He  pops again three days after the tragic ferry accident with empty promises of flying in divers from South Africa.

He could be in town to support the candidate in kibra, that’s where his forte is; making noise to champion blind decisions then back to floss mode.

Rocking expensive designer shirts, pants and kicks. He is pushing big toys, that’s the Gav’s life and non one should question it but balancing that with delivery as a leader earns one the title of a leader. What’s the deal flossing, rumored of drug business and offering zero leadership?

Ferry tragedy exposed it all, the small thinking that one responsibility is for the national government to an extent that proximity is never part of the thinking is bad. Other showing there three days later, donating two million bob and promising to fly in divers from South Africa. We know his South Africa tales, the gav once sent Betty Kyallo…. Episodes that followed can make billions in TMZ.

In the capital the business is not usual, another flamboyant figure is staying confused, comical and fiery. If he is not flossing or rumored like Joho, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko would responding to score PR points.

He would be helping a poor person through the lenses, he would be making and recording crazy phone calls, he would blaming his predecessor for everything. He would be complaining of black mail or instead of taking responsibility, Sonko would be firing everybody. Friends and foes.

Another tragedy occurs and he fires everybody. Is he sealing the gaps or worsening the rot? He has never fixed a thing with the firing escapades.

But at least he has redesigned Luthuli road, cabros are everywhere deep in Huruma, Kiamaiko. Foot paths are reshaping Nairobi and the gav is becoming of age. He fought for a boy child after Hon. Ken Okoth’s death plus, he no longer dyes his hair. He keeps it well cut and cooperate.