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Why Kevin Mulei’s Cartel Agency Mo Sound Is Going Bankrupt

The corrupt MO Sounds events bank accounts are running dry soon after the death of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who was the chief deal maker for the company.

Mo Sound Events, a company that has multi-million deals with Safaricom has been threatened with bankruptcy for failing to pay a surprisingly small debt of only USD 3,265.4 (Kshs. 337,000).

The event planning, management, and production company is owned by DJ Kevin Mulei who is also the owner of the Nairobi based NRG Radio station.

Mulei is known for living a flashy and wealthy lifestyle, importing and driving top of the range expensive German cars so it was quite shocking to see court papers putting his firm on the spot over such a trifling amount of money.

Kevin Mulei

Mo Sound Events has been involved in a series of fraudulent dealings with Safaricom, take, for instance, they are alleged to have received the highest amounts in Purchase Order’s from Safaricom, amounting to almost Kshs. 331 Million, in the period of review between 2013-2015. Kavutha Mwanzia, Joy Wachira and Hassan Liwali are listed as the only contacts who the forensic auditors could place from media cuttings. Hassan Liwali seems to be a sibling to Fakii Liwali, currently in Coca Cola because as you know, corporate Nairobi is all about cronyism and not merit.

According to the KPMG audit report, details as regards the ownership of Mo Sound were not available at the Registrar of Companies office, something which needs to be investigated immediately.

But from Kenyan Bulletin searches, a character by the name of Kelvin Mulei appeared to be the “front” since he was just a DJ, who suddenly owns this company bagging huge contracts. He is also the founder of Groove Awards, indicating an obvious conflict of interest.

Mo Sound was contracted to offer roadshow and activation services for Safaricom and were supposed to also provide detailed records of each activation. They failed to provide the auditors the same, because they knew they are untouchable and are firmly entrenched in the company, with contacts high up, contacts who live off commissions and kickbacks from the company.

It appears as if someone in Safaricom’s finance department tipped Mo Sound of the impending audit, enabling them to bribe the Registrar of Companies, to conceal details of their ownership because ownership could not be tracked. The only reason for this could be that there is a Safaricom staff member who is a director at Mo Sound.

Now, a company called Kenya Energy Services Limited has been owed money by Mo Sound since January 2018 and had claimed payment through two invoices dated 25 January 2018 and 24 August 2018.

According to court documents seen by Kenyan Bulletin, the company provided MoSound with leasing services. Mulei’s company was not coughing up the money despite getting demands for payment from the creditor’s lawyers.

A statutory demand from the High Court ordered Mulei’s company to pay the debt or else the creditor would file a bankruptcy order against it.

Nothing in the court file shows whether MoSound will be or is already bankrupted.

Kenyan Bulletin will be watching the collapse of this notorious event mafias and we will update here because their corrupt dealings are about to hit the dead-end and their collapse is more probably inevitable.