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Hon. George Theuri on the spot over favoritism

George Theuri is Member of Parliament representing Embakasi West Constituency. Serving his second term, he is a busy guy making some average news. He could be a sharing a photo of him in a room with a towel around his waist, his omujulubeng sunk deep so it wasn’t embarrassing  but it made the kind of news he wanted to make.

Then came 2017 and he had to defend his seat, which he did. He had no manifesto but his campaign statement was ‘swag season 2’. That’s the mentality of a grown law maker who should be sponsoring or pushing bills that can improve lives of his people. Instead, Theuri was asking for another term in parliament to showcase how beautiful he is. In his mind that’s what makes him a leader. His dusty posters which still hang in his constituency can back that, the photos were taken like those of beautiful girls at the cover of women magazine.

It worked and George won his second term. He is sort of a hustler, a go getter. He is a politician who rose from selling second hand clothes; he became a councilor /MCA and now an Mp. Loud rumors have it that Theuri was street smart, like his dad, he learnt the art land dealing. That could be grabbing or just by being a big time broker.

Now he is bragging as some working Mp, serving and prioritizing Umoja more than other estates in his constituency. Umoja is his hood anyway and that’s an African style of leadership. He is mostly painting schools and constructing small roads there. But a road in Kariobangi South cannot be constructed because it will put some rogue boys who support him out of business. Just like that and that street loses the opportunity to get a facelift. But how did he win their hearts to win his first and second terms?

Theuri learnt way before winning his first term that Embakassi West would easily go to the opposition, ODM. So after the nominations of different parties that competed in the 2013 polls, he bought the guy who felt short changed in ODM, Jerry Mc’ Obila. Jerry felt that his win was taken in ODM so being the cartoon that he is, he allowed himself to be ‘bought off’ and sponsored to play a spoiler role. He ran through Ford K ticket,  lost but scattered ODM votes.

Jerry did the job, and Theuri beat ODM candidate Brian Weke by some 5,000 votes. Weke filed a petition that took ‘centuries’ and he concentrated on the case and forgot about politics. That is when Theuri who was in TNA state of hype, bought off groups allied to Weke and that way he took his support. He can be a big head at times.

What could he be planning next that he is now serving his home ground only? May be he wants to quit politics and go into business but he is still young to quit, he is must be harboring dreams of rocking a century or he could be thinking of a bigger post, senator, deputy governor or something of the sort but I doubt if he has balls to challenge Mike Sonko.

Patroba Agwata (not his real name) complained that even Dandora will soon shine brighter than Kariobangi South. The Mp is concentrating in his home than K/ South, the MCA Robert Mbatia is also doing the same thing. TMT (Theuri –Mbatia-Team) is whack!