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How Formerly Banished China Phone Makers Have Upstaged Kenyan Smartphone Market

With Apple and Samsung respectively being the flagship bearers in this increasingly competitive phone market, the monumental and fairly recent efforts by Xiaomi and Vivo alike have not gone unnoticed.

Apples iPhone and Samsung have kept their places on top of the pedestal. More often than not, they have jostled with one another to maintain a foothold on that pedestal, that particular pedestal being the most powerful and technology adept phones in Kenya.

Not far behind, and sizing up an ambush on that pedestal is Vivo and Xiaomi, but with a different agenda. The differentiating line is the prices. With half the budget of an IPhone or Samsung note 10 in your pocket, you can get to similar heights of performance without even coming as close to spending the same amount of money. This notion in its very self is redefining the perspectives of smartphones- that they do not have to be overly expensive to provide cutting edge performance.

Having recently launched in Kenya. Xiaomi has great aspirations to become the biggest phone name in Kenya. With an army of new, and highly capable smartphones, they have been dubbed the iPhone killers. The Xiaomi Mi8 has taken the battle to apple and Samsung respectively. With it sporting an octa-core processor. Allowing for high-end applications, running simultaneously to function at lightning-fast speeds.

The display on the Xiaomi is bigger too, with phones getting larger screens, their performance levels aren’t slacking behind either. A major pull factor for apple and Samsung phones are the incredible camera’s. With a 12mp + 12mp camera, the Xiaomi is no pushover.

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Xiaomi Mi A2

With a bigger RAM than its competitors. As of now, Xiaomi has two stores in Nairobi, but are well on their way to establishing fifty before the close of the year. In Kenya’s world of technology, this outlines how one can attain a smartphone of brilliant capabilities without having the need to break the bank.

Another new entrant into the Kenya market place is Vivo. With a phone that has the same abilities, camera and processing power of an iPhone or Samsung, and at half the price, the Vivo v15 pro is the complete package for Vivo’s grand entrance into the Kenyan market.

With a sleek and immersive design, the v15 pro nails it in the looks department. With a compact full view screen display, it is reminiscent of the phone that puts looks above everything. Plus, boasting a user-friendly interface, it goes over technological and interface hurdles easily, whereas the Vivo’s competitors have a getting used to process to deal with.

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Vivo v15 pro

With the price of the Xiaomi and Vivo being considerably much lower than the top dogs in the market. To a very commendable level, you can get apple worthy or Samsung worthy performance for half the price. This goes out to show that not only is the Kenyan market heating up for smartphones, but more and more people are becoming digitally inclined as to the various brands out there that can perform beyond expectations and still not break the bank.

In a general perspective, the entrance of these new brands into the Kenyan markets will be an overall boost to the economy. It would allow people to embrace technology, digital trends and the way in which the world operates with connectivity and networking. The more the variety in a market, especially a market as competitive as the smartphone market, the more digitally adept the general population becomes. Allowing for growth in online infrastructure, businesses and the knowledge to survive in an increasingly technological world.



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