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Pombe Magufuli A Soft Dictator Tanzania Is Nurturing

John Pombe Magufuli is one of the most soft-heart dictators that Tanzania is breeding and the mouthy and politely rude President is slowly coming out and has hinted of a possible stay in power.

Last month, a Tanzanian stated that he wants the presidential term limit scrapped so that President John Magufuli can remain in office longer. Mr Dezydelius Patrick Mgoya said President Magufuli has made the country better.

“I thought, how radically would our country change if a man like Magufuli had a chance to lead for more than 10 years? Because, really, if it were not for his performance where would this idea even come from? I personally wish that his term in office is extended,” he said.

According to the Tanzanian Constitution, a president can serve a maximum of two terms. Each term is five years. Mr. Mgoya drew public attention late September when he filed a constitutional petition in the High Court in Dar es Salaam challenging the presidential term limits.

And yesterday Magufuli was captured stating the same thing that Patrick Mgoya, who apparently comes from the same area with the Magufuli had sain in his Petition.

This is a very terrible President to have leave alone extend his reign. I might not be a voter in Tanzania but I swear and worn them; You are not ready to see Him in full powers!!! This is worse than Museveni Or Mugabe, Tanzanian will be a mess.

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Magufuli and Museveni; since they don’t cross hands-on developments guess what was on the table for this ear-to-mouth talk!

Africans at large, not just Tanzania should learn that good visionary leader that want the stability of their countries and are cut from development material always nurture politicians of the same calibre. Overstaying in power only grows someone’s ego and closes the heart feeling, it will never help this any country nor continent.