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Ruto daring Raila with referendum is an act of a good schemer

Ruto daring Raila with referendum is an act of a good schemer

By Nicholas Olambo

Since weakening president Kibaki by rejecting the 2005 draft constitution my orange brothers have always believed that that’s the only strategy before general elections. I call that redundancy and the fact that it failed when jubilee administration crashed OKOA KENYA push in 2010 should have been a lesson to them. But they never learn, referendum calls still remain `their chorus. They sing it after every general election that keep them in the opposition slot.

They have been insisting on the need to have a referendum before 2022. In their minds, Raila and his supporters think they will weaken DP William Ruto and beat him in 2022. you can’t expose your card to scheming Bill (Ruto) like that and expect to beat him on the same. He will definitely prepare to tackle that and he will do it well. Here he is now, daring the proponents of a referendum to decide the date, before or after the election.

That confidence means a lot. ‘Punguza Mzigo’ is a good document compared to what Raila, Orengo and the likes are talking about. They are talking about an expanded executive to accommodate people who don’t want to retire. Wanjiku can’t afford that, in fact she needs some baggage off her back and that’s what ‘punguza mzigo’ is seeking to achieve.

Dr. Ekuro Aukot is a bright fellow and I like how he is stunning legal giants like Orengo. First he legimized the 2017 fresh polls when Raila Odinga pulled out. They thoguht Odinga’s absence in the race would stop things. That’s sycophancy and wishful thinking. That is not the law. Now he is about to be beaten in an event he always called for. I know he will organize a team to reject the ‘punguza mzigo’ bill but things are bad in his team.

His Minority Leader John Mbadi has been ‘deputizing’ Majority leader Adan Duale since the handshake. Duale is a proud Ruto sycophant. Ruto/Team Tanga Tanga doesn’t care about the handshake, in fact it’s the worst thing in Kenyan politics for them. Again it makes more sense having the drafter of the constitution point out areas that need improvements. Aukot is the maker of the current constitution, and even from the bill he is making more sense than a guy calling on people to create ceremonial positions to babysit their egos.

The scenario is interesting, it will either be a referendum on ‘Punguza Mzigo’ or not or the one in the minds of ODM will come after 2022 to boost Baba’s chances in 2027. He is always a candidate with a known position. Every serious politician has studied and known Baba. A schemer like Ruto will beat him in an election or referendum with Punguza Mzigo as the document. Ruto was in the same team that crashed Okoa Kenya in 2010 and their justification was crazy. ODM supporters drew cats and rats instead of putting their signatures.