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Sonko’s savage reply to Ndolo after begging to bail him out

A recorded conversation between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and former Member of Parliament for Makadara constituency, Reuben Ndolo, has been leaked on social media.

In the conversation between Ndolo, a lawyer and the governor, the former legislature is heard desperately begging Sonko bail him out following his arrest at the weekend.

The recording is believed to have been recorded on Sunday evening after Ndolo was arrested by Flying Squad detectives for creating disturbance and threatening to kill following a raid at Bustani Gardens along Oledume Road.

In the audio recording, Ndolo is heard begging Sonko not to let him spend the night in jail.

To this governor responds by telling Ndolo that he deserves to be in jail for breaking the law.

Here is how part of their conversation went:

Ndolo: Utawacha mim ni nilalae kwa cell na mimi ni ndugu yako bwana?

Sonko: Hakuna cha undugu kazini. Ile kitu naweza kukufanyia, wacha niende KFC nikubuiye kuku uleetwe.

Ndolo: Ndugu yangu, wewe ni mdogo yangu, unaweza kuniambia hivyo?

Sonko: Mimi naangalia kazi. Wacha uletewe kuku, ulale cell kesho upelekwe kotini. There is no one who is above the law.

The conversation between the two continues a little longer before Ndolo realizes that Sonko has no intentions of helping him.

Credits: Uhondo News