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Twitter User Gives Dire Warning On Impending Ruto Presidency

A Kenyan by the name Francis Gaitho (@KenyaFootball) gave a chilling and at the same time sad warning to Kenyans concerning William Ruto’s presidency which he predicted was coming.

In a manner that lays credence to the saying, ‘Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups’, as stated by George Carlin, Gaitho warned that it is better that one relocates and seeks another country’s citizenship, because Kenyans are known for their ignorance in terms of making the right choices.

Heres is the Twitter thread:
It’s clear that @WilliamsRuto will be the next President. Then Kenya will be a shit-hole country like Congo. Not that Uhuru is any better; he is actually the biggest piece of shit who reaped from Kibaki’s era. Ruto will screw us over proper

If you can get an opportunity to relocate to another country and get citizenship, the time is now.

The stupidity of the ordinary Kenyan is immesurable. Don’t tie your hopes and aspirations on their idiocy, if you are a young upwardly mobile individual. Bail out now. Don’t peg your hopes on Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) or Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) . They’re more confused than the “villains” they’re arresting.


Travel to Congo and there’s no middle class. I’ve been there. You hit the club, and there’s no middle class women to conversate with. Only hoe’s.

That’s how Kenya will be in the next 3 years. When opportunities for ladies start diminishing, then you’re in a dictatorship.


I pity you Kenyans. Just to spite you, William Ruto has given you an illiterate footballer to be your MP. And people are who I considered smart, are now part of that scam. How can you be helped?

There’s a reason why Shebesh kept saying “wamama “. It’s not like old silly mothers have a demographic advantage. They’re lesser than the kids they’ve given birth to. But truth is that those dumb old women have mastered the art of brainwashing their own kids.