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Idealess politicians are exposing themselves in Precious Talent crime scene

The biggest embarrassment crafters of this new constitution are seeing should be the holders of Women Representative positions. You think about women reps, you think about slay queens. It is represented by beauty and sex, it’s the job prominent slay queens earned through panties. Some nominated female senators are bad girls too, just like women reps.

The last time I saw some women reps was when they erected posters showcasing their curved wastes, big booties or over painted faces. Women reps and nominated female senators in Kenya are associated with nothing but sex, beauty and alcohol. These big girls are confused and slaying, they don’t even understand their job.

Former nominated senator Joy Gwendo was the bad girl of the tenth parliament; she was Onyango Oloo’s girlfriend. By then Onyango was the TNA Party’s Secretary General so he gifted his girl with a nomination slot.

Joy was always drunk and driving, she spent her weekends in police cells. She was in a love triangle, she took another woman’s husband, she was beating up her secretary, she was a crook she forged documents to acquire loans. That was Joy, and then came Millicent Omanga.

If Deputy President William Ruto is the biggest hustler in the game this far, then Millicent Omanga is the female version. She was selling duvets, and just by ensuring that a ‘kind man’ sleeps warmly, she rose to the heights of a queen hustler and earned her nomination from loyal clients.

On what grounds is she a leader? The last time I checked Millie had gone watching world cup finals in Moscow. Outcry about wastage of tax payer’s cash was not some street talk; it nearly rose to some kind of furore. Her response was bossy, she paid her bills. She went mute, doing her moves off screens till I saw her ‘twerking’ in Betty’s show. I didn’t see any sense she made.

And now irrelevant politicians are lining up for cameras at the tragedy scene in Precious Talent Academy, Millie lined and turned the scene to a political rally. Remember a weak structure collapsed killing seven innocent children. Instead of taking the blame for leading from behind, politicians including Millicent Omanga and John Kiarie were there yelling and complaining like wanjiku when wanjiku expects answers from them.

Many women reps and nominated female senators lack understanding of their job descriptions. Sycophancy and worshiping their party chiefs is what they do. These are Jubilee people parading for campaigns in Kibra every weekend to praise the good job done by the late Ken Okoth and they are not doing the same in their constituencies.

They are in fact pushing for the gambling promoter MacDonald Mariga to reverse such superior advancements.