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Majority of the political class are money makers not leaders

Majority of the political class are money makers not leaders

By Nicholas Olambo

Politics is a club of big boys, shot callers, people who friend and influence decisions by tycoons, people connected to gangs and goons and lucky grads from the school of sycophants. When am talking lucky grads am talking the Babus, the Ababus, Milly Omanga, Beatrice Elechi, and Singer Jaguar to name a few.

Back to the big story, most of these guys shaping our politics are making money more than pushing for laws that can dignify our lives, Mudavadi included. Kenyan politicians earn allowances even for appearing in funerals and hurling insults. That’s Kenyan politics, sometimes that immature like the people who play it. They are rich, representing their stomachs and families and never the people. Most of them have their money pile up into billions as they rise in political ranks.

When we talk Kenya politics and the wealthiest, you must think of The Kenyatta family. That’s a command. That senior political family is filthy rich, they have money, property, they have two presidents and one has his face on the currency. Now not in any particular order but let The Odingas come along. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is not a heavy spender apart from he bought hummer, his campaigns look broke but he is a big tax collector. Every ODM governor must send contributions when guys are paid. Governor Joho, Awiti, name them plus we all know about the till number and last minute withdrawal. He had made his money before  the repeat polls.

Raila is a renown pusher for the expansion of the democratic space in this country. That’s true but now the rumoured enigma is into making money before leading the people. That’s the lifestyle when one suddenly adopts a big liking for negotiations, funny demands for consultations and taking all and claiming it was too small to share (nusu mkate). That portrays greed, that’s not Baba of 2007 and before, Baba of the 80s never traded the people’s voice like that!. That kind of change only comes with money.

This reality check will bounce without DP Dr. William Ruto or Bill like the president calls him on it. Bill is a balling hustler. He made news just after becoming DP, he was touring Central and West Africa for days in a hired jet. He has become filthy rich after rising from MP to the country’s second in command. he pays his tithe in tens of millions. He owns everything from hotels, villas, choppers, palatial homes to learned sycophants like Boni Khalwale on pay roll. I think he values loyalty, he is paying well. All his peers’ foot soldiers are lining up to him, he is poaching, feeding and buying Luhya politicians every day. His  must be a money making office I guess. The late prof. George Saitoti made money serving as vice president, Musalia Mudavadi was there for eight weeks but he is rich. Kalonzo Musyoka shocked me with a ten billion shilling story about his foundation towards 2017 polls.

Mombasa governor Ali Joho has become more than a boy in his big brother’s empire. His current political office is boosting his skills as a money maker and party goer. May be not like his big and richer brother Abu Joho but 001 is now making money and scooping life. He could be partying in Madrid and sleeping in Paris, he could be taking selfies and rocking hot pants in DC and the next minute he will be hanging with Paris Hilton in Los Angeles.

Majority of the political class are money makers not leaders
Governor Joho

Majority Leader is now scandalous, he is at the center of shoddy deals. Suspect companies are associated with him. Like Joho, noisy politics is really not his thing now. Since the handshake the ‘handed’ him minority leader John Mbadi as a ‘deputy’ Duale learnt that Big boys must make money, 2022 may come with surprises. Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu lives in court since attaining his billionaire status fraudlently. He is expected to answer for the loss of county funds in hundreds of millions. Who expects a gue businessman cum politician to lead?

Big brains like Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula is now featuring on gold talks, not as lawyer but a dealer. His loosely hanging political career has been laced with big money talks from being plotters of shady schemes to sell gold or as lawyer in the case (Goldenberg scandal) or as a big boy lending small boys like  Former Garsen Mp Dunson Mungatana 12 million shillings and making news with it. Scholars make money in dirty game anyway.