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Nakuru Senator  Susan Kihika Vs  Governor Lee Kinyanjui 

Nakuru Senator  Susan Kihika Vs  Governor Lee Kinyanjui 

I have been in the forefront pushing for more resources to the counties. The main reason is because counties still have a lot to do to improve lives through the devolved functions. Then, boom, I learn that my County leads in returning unused billions to the treasury.

At Kshs. 3.9 billion, Nakuru County LEADS in the amounts of unspent funds that were returned to the treasury in the last financial year. When I think of how much that money would have gone to improve service delivery, it would be an understatement to say am disappointed.

We still have plenty of ECDE centers where parents still have to pool resources to pay the teachers. We still have unequipped and understaffed health facilities dotting our county. Imagine what 3.9 billion would have done to help these people?

Long distance treks to seek medical care would have been cut as dispensaries like Mununga in Naivasha’s Biashara ward, and Muguga in Nakuru East Ward which lie desolate; complete, but with no drugs, personnel or equipment would have been sorted. At 30 million each, 3.9 is enough to equip over 130 Healthy Centers.

The Kshs. 3.9b would have been a cure to the death traps that our drainages in Nakuru and Naivasha towns have become. Projects costing a mere Kshs. 5 million like the Kanorero Bridge in Elementaita ward continue lying unfinished and shoddily done. Tutaambia watu nini surely?

At Kshs. 10,000 per term, the returned Kshs. 3,900,000,000 would have paid school fees for over 30,000 boarding school students for the entire four years. Several markets like Nasher would have been constructed and finished to state of the art status.

Access roads to our farming regions would have gotten a facelift that would have seen our farmers get quick and smooth access to markets. At an average cost of 20 million per KM of urban roads, we would have done 195KM of tarmac roads with proper drainage. Can you imagine this amount is enough to complete 200 boreholes? That would take care of our water problems once and for all.

The possibilities are immense. The opportunities lost in returning the monies to the treasury are huge. Again, am embarrassed as a leader who has been pushing for more funds, and am disappointed with my Governor.