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YouTube CEO apologizes over verification removal, admits they ‘missed the mark’

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YouTube is backtracking on changes it announced to its verification process following backlash from creators on its platform.

YouTube said it “completely missed the mark” on Friday, and accounts that already have a verification badge won’t lose it.

A day earlier, the company announced changes to its verification badges in an effort to help clear up confusion about what it means to be verified and to give the checkmark a new look. As a result, some people were notified that they would lose their verified badge, which caused an outcry. (People impacted could fill out a form to appeal the decision).

Like other social media platforms, YouTube offers a checkmark next to some channels to indicate that the account belongs to a public figure or brand, from YouTube creators to celebrities, musicians and companies.

YouTubers voiced their frustration and concerns about the change, including that it could make it easier for bad actors to impersonate them.

“We heard loud and clear how much the badge means to you. Channels that already have the verification badge will now keep it and don’t have to appeal,” the company wrote in a blog post on Friday.

YouTube also said all channels with more than 100,000 subscribers will still be eligible to apply for a verified badge. It also updated the requirements for having a verified channel. Unlike in the past, YouTube will review accounts to verify their identity. Channels must also be “complete,” meaning they are public, have a description, channel icon and an active presence on YouTube.