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War mongering sycophants need rehabilitation or long jail terms

By Nicholas Olambo

The level of backwardness and insane sycophancy in Kenyan politics keeps showing its ugly face through guys like Samson Cherargei, Moses Kuria and the likes. Samson and Moses only had good stories in the bible. Politics could be a dirty game but goons should be goons and politicians be politicians, play your dirty games in silence and off cameras. Kids are watching. We can’t afford deepen ethnic divisions at the cost of a cruel guy’s sycophancy.

War mongering sycophants need rehabilitation or long jail terms
Nandi senator S. Cherargei being taken away by detectives

But that’s the deal about our immature politics. For tribal politics, anger and hunger for power, people have been burnt in churches, thousands have been displaced, and many kids have been orphaned. Who cares? The law is an ass, hate speech is investigated. How? The war monger was clear in his threats but before this case that will never be decided stops making news, fellow politicians from Cheragei’s community will demand that he receives the same treatment and judgment Moses Kuria received when he committed a similar offence.

That’s the state of Kenyan politics, deteriorated. It’s never a game where the country’s big heads outwit each other with high level tricks to capture power and win the hearts of the people. No. it’s a game where power hungry individuals collaborate to capture power and share public resources. Voice of the majority is muted at the ballot. As a result we have our leadership twisted and guys like Cherargei who is leading from behind.

Hate speech has become a tool for under performing politicians to gain popularity. The sad fact is that it works in Kenya where ignorant voters are many and ‘our man syndrome’ is deeply rooted in the minds. Sycophancy is a bad addiction that is killing the real politics and the Mr Money Bag’s these first term MPs and tribal goons support never care to rehabilitate.

It’s a serious business when the dog barks a lot, the owner might not be happy or could be about explode or could just be sending threats to opponents. This is possible since many get into politics for the wrong reasons. Many are in it not to represent the people but to gain power, run illegal businesses or steal from public coffers and enrich themselves. Rumored drug dealers, gang leaders and senior lawyers are in the august to formulate laws that govern this country. When they speak, they send threats.

It has never been a concern that we need strict penalties for war mongers. Instead its a concern that we need to expand the executive to accommodate friends and groupies. Young law makers are infatuated with the ‘legalize weed’ talk for popularity reasons, old ones are pocketing millions in commissions and parliamentary committees. Another old one will investigate war mongering politicians forever as war mongering remains an element of Kenyan politics.